The power of music

Hear how music has shaped Ira's life – from his childhood to his community at Atria.

March 28, 2022

1 min read

Atria Senior Living resident, Ira, in his apartment

“Music is life itself,” is a Louis Armstrong quote that resonates deeply with Ira. When he made the move to Atria, music was Ira’s key to making new friends and renewing his sense of purpose.

Music was a powerful bond between Ira and his father, and it’s what inspired him to create a Musical Memories group. Beth, the Engage Life Director at Atria Forest Hills, encouraged Ira every step of the way. Soon, others were looking forward to tapping their feet, clapping their hands and singing along to Ira’s playlist at the group’s regular gatherings.

Atria helped Ira share his childhood joy and fostered meaning in his life through the many new friends he’s touched with his love of music.

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Atria provides the kind of support and opportunities that make it easier for older adults to pursue their passions with energy and optimism. Our vibrant communities offer the perfect environment to learn, grow and connect with others. We invite you to join Ira and other residents who’ve made Atria their home.

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