Atria Senior Living resident, Sarah, in her art room

Making colorful connections

“At 94, I’ve lived many lives within one life.”

That 94-year old is Sarah, a passionate artist and resident at Atria on Roslyn Harbor. Her many lives include raising a family and being an accomplished illustrator, teacher and fine artist specializing in sculpture and painting.

Sarah says she approaches each day as though she’s going to live forever, because she doesn’t want to think that her age is holding her back from pursuing what brings her joy. For Sarah, this joy includes spending time with family and her continued passion for painting.

Atria is delighted to support Sarah’s interests and to provide a venue for her upcoming art show. Living at Atria has also helped her develop some very dear friendships. Sarah said she went from living on her own to joining a community where her wonderful friends and community staff provide a sense of security and make her feel like she’s part of a family.

Make your colorful connections at Atria

Atria provides the kind of support and opportunities that make it easier for older adults to pursue their passions with energy and optimism. Our vibrant communities offer the perfect environment to learn, grow and connect with others. We invite you to join Sarah and other residents who’ve made Atria their home.

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