A leader on the move

Atria’s Senior Vice President of Functional Operations shares why she loves her job.

March 28, 2022

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Abby Figueroa the Atria Senior Living SVP of Functional Operations smiling for the camera.

Joining the Atria team requires the type of exceptional skills, integrity and compassion that foster our high caliber of service and strong sense of family. Abby Figueroa meets all of these qualifications and then some. As Atria’s Senior Vice President of Functional Operations, her commitment to serving residents has uncovered talents she never knew she had.

Starting as a Staff Accountant, it wasn’t long before Abby was promoted to Community Business Director. In this leadership role, she became adept at everything from helping the community staff sign up for benefits to assisting residents with setting up their Wi–Fi and finding their grandkids’ addresses when sending out valentines.

After subsequent promotions to regional leadership positions, her skills and experience during the COVID-19 pandemic led to her current role of managing community operations that help keep residents and staff safe.

More than anything, Abby truly enjoys helping older adults reconnect with their talents and discover new purpose. “To me, the most amazing stories are how community life helps residents really blossom. They take up painting or volunteering. They’re able to resume having a relationship with their daughter as their daughter again, not as their caregiver,” Abby said. “This is why I love what I’m doing.”

Discover new purpose at Atria

We invite you explore the Atria communities in your area where you’ll find other people like Abby who provide the kind of support and opportunities that make it easier for older adults to pursue their passions with energy and optimism.

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